Love sushi? Indulge!

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  • One piece of yellowtail or salmon sashimi has 41 calories
  • One plain tuna roll has 184 calories
  • Skip soy sauce if you're watching your sodium intake

It's just the raw-fish topping without the rice and seaweed wrappers. 

One piece of yellowtail or salmon sashimi has 41 calories, far less than the 255 in a California roll!

Hankering for regular sushi?

Order a plain tuna roll for 184 calories; skip types containing mayonnaise, cream cheese, or fried foods (such as shrimp tempura), which can add anywhere from 150 to 360 calories per roll.

If you have high blood pressure or you’re simply watching your sodium intake to avoid bloating, skip the soy sauce or ask for one with low sodium.


Professor John B Dixon


Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

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