Re-discover pumpkin

Story Highlights

  • Pumpkin is full of fibre
  • Handy cooking tips

With fill-you-up fibre and a heaped helping of healthy beta-carotene and potassium in every sweet cup, pumpkin isn’t just for pies.

Serve cooked or heated-up canned pumpkin with a sprinkle of maple syrup and a dash of salt and ginger as a dinner time vegetable.

Blend canned or cooked pumpkin with light vanilla yoghurt, ice, and pumpkin pie spices for a tasty smoothie.

Add pumpkin (canned or cooked fresh) and your favourite pie spices - such as ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg - to fat-free, sugar-free vanilla or butterscotch pudding.


Professor John B Dixon


Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

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