Try these delicious mushies

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  • Are you post-procedure and looking for some inspiration for solid foods? Read on for some delicious options below

After a diet of liquids post-procedure, even plain cottage cheese tastes heavenly as you make your progression toward solid foods! And there are other mushy foods that taste even better.

Try one of these recipes from fellow Gastric Banding patients:

  • Top fat-free ricotta cheese with spaghetti sauce and low-fat mozzarella; bake until bubbly
  • Mash hot cooked cauliflower together with Greek yoghurt and low-fat cream cheese
  • Cut a hard-boiled egg in half, remove the yolk, and fill the space with hummus (smash well with a fork to eat)
  • Top fat-free refried beans or pureed black beans with smooth salsa and fat-free plain yoghurt, cottage cheese, or sour cream

For more recipes, visit our recipe section.


Professor John B Dixon


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