Wound care after your Gastric Banding Procedure

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  • After care follow up advised for Gastric Banding Procedure patients
  • When you should contact your clinic

Below are some tips, what can happen and after-care follow up we advise all of our clinic's Gastric Band patients, following a Gastric Banding Procedure.

Laparoscopic, or 'key-hole', surgery results in five small abdominal wounds:

  • These are covered with water-proof dressings
  • We suggest leaving the dressings intact for 7 days
  • If at any time the dressings start to peel off, or you feel they need to be replaced with fresh dressings, gently remove and replace with a water-proof dressing - they can be purchased at a chemist
  • After the 7 days, peel off the dressings gently, like you would a band-aid. This can be done in the shower if desired
  • Leave the wounds open after removing the dressings, and note that the stitches will disolve

Contact your clinic if: 

  • You are worried
  • Your wound feels hot
  • Your would looks swollen
  • You notice any oozing from your wound

After the dressing is removed:

  • Make sure your shower is not too hot
  • Pat dry and be gentle
  • Leave open - no need for a band-aid or any other dressing
  • After approximately 3 weeks, massage wounds with vitamin E creame or bio-oil and continue for 3 months to help minimise scarring

Remember, if you are concerned or unsure of anything, contact your clinic immeadiately. 


Maria Popov

Practice Nurse

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