Gastric Banding Procedure Success Stories

  • Jason - lost 31 kilos

    Since the Military, Jason had gradually put on weight, and had tried everything to lose it. He’d tried every diet and got to a point where even exercising was uncomfortable. Since the decision to have his procedure, Jason is now back in the gym, back playing golf with his mates and is more active than ever.
  • Melanie - lost 29 kilos

    Before her Gastric Banding Procedure, Melanie felt like life was passing her by. She was just a spectator and too embarrassed to take part. Since the Procedure, Melanie has felt a boost in her confidence and has been able to make healthier lifestyle choices that will be with her for the long-term. 
  • Stephen - lost 46 kilos

    Long, stressful hours at work meant that Stephen was constantly exhausted and that no matter what he did, he couldn’t stop the weight gain, and flight travel was a bind. He realised that he needed to put as much energy into his own health and well-being as he did at work. Since the Gastric Banding Procedure, Stephen’s sense of well-being has improved and he can now enjoy work, travel and life. 
  • Kimberly - lost 22 kilos

    It was the birth of her daughter that was the turning point for Kimberly to lose weight. Kimberly wanted to be around to see her daughter grow up and to also encourage her daughter to have a healthy relationship with food. Since her Gastric Banding Procedure, Kimberly now has so much more energy to play with her family.
*Weight loss varies from person to person