Your Weight Loss Journey

  • 1. Decide
  • 2. Plan
  • 3. Prepare
  • 4. Recover
  • 5. Review
  • 6. Explore
  • Decide

    While a Gastric Banding Procedure is a powerful tool for success, your must also be ready to make lifestyle changes that support long-term weight loss. The path to weight loss may seem surreal and far off. We have created this guide to help you visualise what your Gastric Banding Procedure journey might be like, from start through to finish, every step of the way.

    Things to ask

    1. What are the health risks of obesity?
    2. Why don't diets work for me?
    3. What is the difference between overweight and obese?
    4. Why the Gastric Banding Procedure?
    5. What are my weight loss options?
    6. What does the price of the procedure include?


    Did you know that Gastric Banding pays for itself over time through health cost savings?

    In an obesity-related study, Gastric Banding Procedure patients had broken even financially after 2.25 years.

    Tackling my obesity early

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  • Planning

    At this point, you understand about the Gastric Banding Procedure. You've decided it’s a good fit for you. You've found out you're medically qualified for the procedure. Now it's time to begin the truly life-changing part of your weight loss journey. With the Gastric Banding Procedure, you’ll always have a resource to help you, every step of the way.

    Things to ask

    1. How much weight will I lose?
    2. How does the band work?
    3. What about pregnancy?
    4. Does your clinic have a support programme?
    5. How can I qualify?

    Pre-procedure recipe

    The Gastric Banding Procedure offers a selection of delicious pre-procedure recipes, such as ratatouille, to help you plan your journey.

    Initial consultation

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  • Prepare

    As you get ready for your procedure, support from your friends, family and healthcare team will make things much easier for you. You've done so many things to prepare, so it's no surprise if you have a lot on your mind, or are feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Make a checklist to help remind you of things you need before going to hospital and don't forget to enlist the help of your support network!

    Things to ask

    1. What happens during the procedure?
    2. Why do I have to start a diet before the procedure?
    3. Can I attend a support group before the procedure?
    4. How long will I be in hospital?

    Pre-procedure recipe

    Try another dish from our pre-procedure recipes, such as mixed vegetable soup, to help you prepare for the procedure.


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  • Recover

    Once the anaesthesia has worn off, you may feel some pain or discomfort. This can usually be treated with ordinary pain relievers. The hospital staff will help you get out of bed and start moving as soon as possible. Usually, you'll stay in the hospital overnight, but it may be less than 24 hours.

    Things to ask

    1. How long will I take to recover?
    2. What can I eat?
    3. Once the band is in, what then?
    4. What exercise can I do?
    5. What should I watch out for?
    6. Can I take aspirin for mild post-surgical pain?
    7. What side effects might I experience?

    Pre-procedure recipe

    Try the post procedure recipes, like our blueberry smoothie, to help you recover from survey.

    Recovery process

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  • Review

    About four to six weeks after the procedure, you’ll go to your doctor’s office for an initial adjustment. These adjustments take only about 10 minutes and are nearly pain-free. In the first year, you’ll probably need several adjustments to get the band’s fit just right. The goal? You want to be able to lose weight gradually without feeling hungry.

    Things to ask

    1. What is an adjustment?
    2. What else can I be doing to assist the band?
    3. What should I watch out for?
    4. What food can/should I eat?

    Long-term recipe

    Try a dish from our long-term recipes, such as mixed vegetable pizza, to continue your weight loss journey for the long-term.

    Follow-up consultation

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  • Explore

    Together, you and your surgeon will determine the timing and level of adjustments you need to reach your weight loss goals. Your lifestyle - including exercise and follow-up doctor visits - may mean taking more time for yourself. Make sure you make use of all the support around you, from friends and family, to your healthcare team, or My Healthy Living.

    Things to ask

    1. How can I keep track of my progress?
    2. Where can I find great recipes?
    3. Why are diet and exercise important after the procedure?
    4. Will I need plastic surgery once I have lost a lot of weight?

    Pre-procedure recipe

    Kimberly lost 22kg after her Gastric Banding Procedure. Watch her success story here.